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Published on Jan 8 2013 by Pradeep Kumar | Short Link: http://ssq.re/1hVOukR  

We appreciate all the guest posts we get and we analyse them properly so that we can both get the benefits. But we do face some situations where we have to decline your guest posts, unfortunately.

Right now we accept guest posts for our blogs – HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater and MoviesDrop. If you have any queries you can also contact us before proceeding with the Guest Blogging. Below we have mentioned some of the common reasons why your guest post was not accepted.

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1. A Similar Topic Already Present On Our Blog

This is what most of the guest authors do in my opinion, our blogs have thousands of articles so we request them to check our blog archives (HBB Archives, HostLater Archives and MoviesDrop Archives) before submitting the guest post. We can accept the same topic if yours is creative and updated than ours. You can either use our archives and check or use the exclusive search options on our blogs to avoid such confusions later.

2. A Similar Topic or Idea Is Already In Draft By The Author

Sometimes #1 and #2 collide, but we do have several post ideas and we keep them as drafts. So if your post is declined then this could also be a reason.

2. We Restricted That Category For Guest Posts

Like, we are not accepting ‘reviews’ as guest posts. Say reviews of mobiles, gadgets, software, websites, etc. We don’t accept such posts. Kindly don’t use this “Guest Blogging” opportunity for self-promotion, we allocated a separate ‘author bio’ for such promotions. If you want to promote your product/service/website on our blog(s) then you can keep in touch with us.

3. The Post Topic Is Outdated

Orkut was popular, but it doesn’t mean it is still popular and still very useful. Kindly focus on contemporary topics so that readers will find it interesting and useful. You can always get plenty of topics to write, you can see the trending subjects and write according to that.

4. Your Post Didn’t Complete Basic Things

Honestly we will help you to get your post published here, but you need to fullfil some requirements first. Basic things like Images, Grammatical Mistakes, Formatting, etc are really necessary. Those things give life to the guest post. You can refer our Guest Authors Checklist for that.

5. Your Post Was Copied From Somewhere

No offense, maybe you didn’t copy it, but your boss or your agent might have gave you a copied one. We hate Plagiarism and if this continues we might even ban your account permanently.

6. The Facts or Steps Mentioned In Your Post Was Wrong

Just go through the facts or steps mentioned in your guest post and see whether they are genuine. I don’t want readers to read or try something wrong because of that guest post.

Some Useful Resources For Guest Authors

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  • Hi Pradeep,
    I haven’t submitted any guest post on any of your blog yet but now, after reading this post I think that no one in this world would be able to stop me now from guest posting on HBB.

    Thanks for the share. It really helped me a lot.

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