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Facebook Groups are one of the best things happened to our blog network, we got a great opportunity to meet people who love the same things we love, interacting with them, debating with them, and thus building a valuable community. There is no partiality in any of our groups, you can use it as your own group, ask doubts, share information, and create a better interactive environment.

Facebook Group(s) Guidelines

But, in order to create that better interactive environment, we decided to implement some basic guidelines to keep it clean and smooth. Hope these guidelines are fair enough.


Facebook Group(s) Guidelines

We have just mentioned “5” very basic things, which you would have known probably too, but still we want to remind them to you on our own voice so that it’ll make sense much better.

1. Avoid Off-Topics

Talking about “Web Hosting” on “MoviesDrop” or “Photography” on “HostLater” won’t really make sense. It’ll just degrade you and make it worse for other members. So kindly use the relevant group and share your views. However if it is related to Social Awareness or some sort of useful post which requires immediate attention, we’ll make an exception, you can kindly contact me and let me know about.

2. Never Ever Fight

Fight or debate with your knowledge, but still you know, these things don’t have a proper end. People often talk about “Marvel Comics” (vs) “DC Comics”, but we can’t really say who will win if they both have a fight or battle, but then if the interaction is really friendly, we might even join in and make it even more funnier. But unfortunately if the thread gets messier, it’s our duty to clean it up. Always maintain your discussion within a decent limit.

3. Adding New Members

If you love our group(s), and you want to add new members to it, you have all the rights to do it but please do remember you can add anyone to Facebook groups without their permission (I personally hate this feature), so I want you to ask their permission before adding them to our groups. We love new (and more) members, but I want them to know our group better and then join it.

4. Sharing Illegal Links

To be honest, majority of us would prefer torrents over official paid sites, because it’s simple and it’s free. But I don’t want members to share or spread torrents or any other illegal download links (let it movies, music, software, blah blah, etc), I don’t really want people to encourage piracy inside the group.

5. Spamming

Like I mentioned above, you can use our groups as your own groups, it is also applicable for sharing your blog posts and getting recognised. But then, you need to work hard as we do, we want you to interact with our community, share useful stuffs, help others, etc., by this you’ll gain the access to share your stuffs. In a nutshell, help us to build a better community and make use of it much better.

Also avoid using your affiliate links naturally on the groups, and *if someone* requests your affiliate link, you can freely share it with them in the comments.

Slashsquare [BLOG] Facebook Groups

These are the groups we have as of now – HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater, MoviesDrop, DeviceBAR, BookWritten, MusicBooze, Photovity, and GameThem.


The main reason I didn’t have any specific extra admins for our groups is that I believe creating a good group will reduce the moderation and there will be no need of banning or removing anyone. We believe we somehow managed to form a good community with the help of really awesome members. See, you can use a fake profile, fake name, fake details, maybe you want to hide your identity, I won’t find that wrong. But when you use that profile for spamming on the groups, we can’t tolerate that. Read the group description, or ask the admin and post on any group. If you spam about something irrelevant to the group, you have no idea how it disturbs the 1000s+ of members in that group, it’ll also affect the reputation of that group.

I promote my relevant blog posts on our groups and even you are allowed to do the same on a time basis, but this privilege is only for active members and not for new/idle members. The more you focus on sharing your knowledge and making this community healthy, the more privileges you’ll get. If you are really an awesome contributor, then I can even “pin” your posts and make it at the top for everyone to see. But please don’t spam or post your stuffs right after joining the group. Instead make the community better and share your works later.


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