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Slashsquare - Indian Blog Network & Web Consulting Media
When I started HBB, I limited the topics for publishing. But I decided to expand the topics, topics which I loved, thus creating an Indian Blog Network. HBB is not a Wikipedia to include all the existing topics. Then I understood HellBound Bloggers (HBB) will not be my first and last blog. My passion for blogs helped me to survive in this field midst my academics. With my academics coming to an end, my interest in blogging increased and I decided few blogs along with HBB will be safe for my future and I can write about various topics I admire.

If I started another blog earlier, that would have killed both the blogs. My degree and my blog helped me to compare things brilliantly, I learned things which nothing can teach me in this world. So I decided I should stay with one blog at this point.

P.S. I even started a forum and closed it (without an official good-bye).

Why starting a new one?

Comparing how my blog was before one year and how it is now, I can see a huge difference. Full credits to the evergreen guest authors, active readers and commentators. Success of HBB and myself belongs to their dedication. Practically right now it is in auto-pilot mode. I feel bad for not being a regular contributor for HBB, but I have some valid reasons for that. All I wanted is to fill HBB with informative posts. Each day I make sure I’m publishing something to someone or delivering something to someone which should be a valuable part in his life.

Say, he/she takes 10-15 minutes to read an article fully, they should not regret for putting their time on us, each and every post should make some valuable changes in their lives. So I check the guest posts submitted seriously, but at the same time, I don’t want to disappoint newbies. They start to contribute without any guidance, so they kinda messed up at the end. If I say a big “NO” to their guest posts, they will forget there is a blog called “HBB”. I’m trying to best to publish all the posts which are in Good Manner, no matter what kind of information they produce, as long as they are valuable and not repeated, there is nothing wrong in proceeding.

Slashsquare – Indian Blog Network & Web Consulting Media

Having lot of blogs under a common name makes sense. So I started Slashsquare Network. I thought “HBB Media” or “HBB Network” would have been perfect, but you know, mind is a monkey. Jumped into another name.

Slashsquare network will have HellBound Bloggers (HBB) under it. Hopefully next week, you can see another blog under this network. Right now I’m not trying to outsource, I made some changes to make things work properly.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So from now on, HBB will be under this network and you can expect few more good niche blogs under this. You can check our Network page for more updated details. Wish us good luck.


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