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If you want to increase the probability of getting your guest post published, you should analyze how other guest posts are accepted. For that, we present this “Guest Authors Checklist”. Before you submit your guest post on our blog(s), kindly check the following things are done or not. We are not forcing you, but these essential for a good relationship.

Guest Authors Checklist

1. Gravatar : We request all the guest authors to have Gravatar. It lets weblogs and similar sites display user-provided pictures from a central database. We want you to sign up and upload your photo there, so that we can display your photo on our blog. [SIGN UP]

Guest Authors Checklist

2. Fill your Profile : Remember, this is a MUST. We don’t want to publish posts submitted by anonymous people. So please fill your profile which includes your name, your bio and other stuffs. These details are essential for us to have information about our Guest Authors.

3. Grammatical Errors : We hate it. Who loves it in fact? We can tolerate basic errors, which even we do sometimes. But continuous spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes will be added to the reasons why we didn’t approve your guest post.

4. Check our Archives : What’s the point in publishing a post that is already present on our blog? So please check our Archives (includes HellBound Bloggers and HostLater). But if you have written your post creatively different, you can get another chance.

5. Don’t be Promotional : Your guest post should not review any specific product/website/gadget. We hardly accept such posts because we have restricted such topics for Guest Blogging.

6. Check our Guest Posts : Optional, but still useful. If you want to have an idea about what kind of posts we accept on our blogs. You can check the kind of guest posts we receive and publish. Normally guest posts are tagged as “Guest”, you can easily track through that.

7. Images [IMPORTANT] : Your guest post should have relevant images. If it is a tutorial use relevant screenshots. Also make sure you give proper image credit if they have any such issues.

If you are looking for good blog post images, here are 40+ Websites For Copyright And Royalty Free Photos.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : I won’t put this effort on you much. But here are some basic things you should do :

    • For External Links : Use rel=”nofollow” and target=”_blank” for external links, unless they are a part of your own links, which are normally allocated for guest authors or when you cite some source.

      Example : <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor text<a>

      Also please don’t use broken links, they bother us a lot. Using Affiliate links also restricted.

    • For Images : Use title and alt tag for the images you upload. Those tags should be relevant to the image name.

Example : <img src=”” title=”Image Name” alt=”Similar to image name” />

Essential Tips:

9. Formatting : Use relevant formatting on your guest post.

<strong> – Highlight important points.

<italic> and <underline> – Stress something important.

<h3> – For subheadings.

10. Videos : You can also add relevant videos on your guest post. Like an introduction to the post you are writing, you can use the embed code of YouTube and others. It’s true you can drive traffic to your post with viral videos.

11. Proofread : Before submitting read make sure you “proofread” it. That is, read it twice and check whether you made it correctly without any accidental errors.

12. Avoid Unnecessary HTML tags: Don’t mess the post with unnecessary HTML tags. You don’t need to use <div> and <span> tags to make the post better.

13. Post Word Count: Well, this is not really necessary, but still you can’t submit few paragraphs as guest post. So we made the minimum word count as 600. This is optional, but we see the word count to calculate the quality sometimes.

14. Interlink other posts from our network: You can search on our network blogs, and if you find any useful post there related to your guest post you can interlink them. Internal linking increases page views and helps your readers.

15. Share Post(s) on Social Media: Every guest author will normally do this. If you are not, you can start from now. You can spread the love for the guest post through Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

16. Reply to Comments: We respect both our guest authors and commentators. So kindly clarify their queries (in the form of comments) as soon as possible.

Apart from our Guest Authors Checklist, we have some essential posts for you, as a guest author these posts will help you a lot.

Hope this Guest Authors Checklist is useful, if you have any queries/questions, do feel free to drop a message.

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