Slashsquare [BLOG] Facebook Group(s) Guidelines 

Facebook Groups are one of the best things happened to our blog network, we got a great opportunity to meet people who love the same things we love, interacting with them, debating with them, and thus building a valuable community. There is no partiality in any of our groups, you can use it as your […]

Introducing MoviesDrop, Because Movies Are Like Gold Mine 

[Cross Posted From MoviesDrop] I became a die-hard movie freak when I started to learn from movies. That’s why I used the word “Gold Mine” in this blog post title. That’s also the reason for launching my favourite niche – “Movies” – now we also have a blog related to movies, introducing “MoviesDrop“. With the […]

Why Your Guest Posts Were Not Accepted On Our Blog(s) 

We appreciate all the guest posts we get and we analyse them properly so that we can both get the benefits. But we do face some situations where we have to decline your guest posts, unfortunately. Right now we accept guest posts for our blogs – HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater and MoviesDrop. If you have […]

Your Responsibilities: Guest Authors Checklist 

If you want to increase the probability of getting your guest post published, you should analyze how other guest posts are accepted. For that, we present this “Guest Authors Checklist”. Before you submit your guest post on our blog(s), kindly check the following things are done or not. We are not forcing you, but these […]

Introducing HostLater, Because Hosting Matters 

[Cross-posted from HostLater] Introducing HostLater There are several reasons for starting HostLater, which fortunately includes both my professional experience and as well as personal experience. When I started Blogging, I thought Google’s Blogger (Blogspot platform) is the World for me, I thought this is where we live. Later, people bragged about WordPress, and its functions. […]

Introducing An Indian Blog Network & Web Consulting Media 

When I started HBB, I limited the topics for publishing. But I decided to expand the topics, topics which I loved, thus creating an Indian Blog Network. HBB is not a Wikipedia to include all the existing topics. Then I understood HellBound Bloggers (HBB) will not be my first and last blog. My passion for […]